Some teams generate exceptional loyalty, commitment and drive. Others are paralysed by politics, negative emotions and wasted energy. Understanding and mastering the dynamics of team development is crucial if teams are to fulfil their potential and provide the anticipated benefits.

We don’t aim to ‘fix’ or ‘build’ a particular team at a particular moment in time. We work to create a deep awareness of the dynamics of people working together for collective success. We recognise that true team development focuses on individual action, feeling and accountability rather than on vague notions of ‘team’. We provide portable skills and learning for individuals, from Graduate Development to Leadership Development, to ensure that benefits are sustained even when the membership of a specific team changes. In a world populated by virtual, discontinuous and networked teams, this is more important than ever.

Alongside this we also offer a two-day Team Development Programme designed to build your teams capacity for effective action. Based at our unique venues in the Lake District they offer the perfect environment for your team to learn, develop, re-energise and refocus.

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