The Unique Business Philosophy was defined at the Inception of Times Enterprises later Times Group then to a Private Limited Company and lastly transformed into Group of Companies.

Our Ideology underlies all of our Actions and Decisions Orchestrating Breadth and Depth of our Operations. Our philosophy is “Candle in the Dark” for every Entrepreneur Dreams to Excel in Enterprising Engineering, Management and Construction.

Divine Conscience created by Pulse of all Beings, Signifies Change as the only Inevitable Constant in the Universe. Times Group being Seriously Engaged in the Pursuit of Science and Engineering Believes that “Everything lies within Space, and Everything happens within Time” the Laws, Rules, Generalities and Predictability of Nature are accustomed to a certain Sequence of Events, consist of Cycles within Cycles, similarly Time has no Independent Existence apart from the Order of Events, Integrated as arrangements in Nature's Cycles validated by Transcendental Concept of Schematism.

Henceforth our Quest starts from Attaining Imperative Management over “Events and Time” in our Business, which is Succeeded by the Virtuous Gambit of Wisdom in our Philosophy and Objectively our Robust Business Model have been Formed around it, that Supports us to Stay Ahead in Tumultuous Times and turn any Change into an Opportunity.

Time is the most Finite Resource we have on this Planet and once we say Times then the Entire Sense changes to Proliferate (Productivity with Proficiency) though World Evolving at Tremendous Pace, Changes that occur in just One Year of this Digital Age are comparable to those generated in A Century of the Analog Age, Now “Big is not beating Small” anymore. It is the “Proficient beating the Efficient.”

Hence when Time and Events are Managed Backed by Processes in an Occupation, the Productivity Proliferates and Performance Escalates many Times, yield Exponential Results. This is the Power of Wisdom.

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