Anwar Ali Abbasi

It will be the Engineering companies that can think ahead who will be at the forefront of the revolution of uses and lifestyle

Just as the diamond requires three properties for its formation—carbon, heat, and pressure—successful leaders require the interaction of three properties—character, Wisdom, and Application. Pressure—acting in conjunction with carbon and heat—forms the diamond. Similarly, one’s character, attended by Wisdom, blooms through application to produce a leader.

We develop leaders at every level in our Group hierarchy who are contributors for achieving optimum results and demonstrates Group values on field. Driven by superior performance across the business acumen. TGL differentiates itself from competitors by combining capabilities and know-how found in large Multinational Engineering Companies with the responsiveness of a small company.

We always had this motto in our minds while selecting our colleagues and therefore, we worked only with the best. Always and in all projects, hence diversifying the company’s managerial approaches, we bring together extraordinary minds, with sophistication of free thinking in our culture, and are ambitious to connect you with the finest group of professionals in our sector they know Engineering, they know Construction and they know Innovation.

It is not easy to sustain radical improvement in an industry as diverse as Engineering & Construction. And with a vision of scale comes increased responsibility, of continuous self-growth, focused at strengthening application of our core abilities to sail the Seas of Change. Preserving on our core value, vision and business philosophy we are confident that next fiscal year will be another benchmark of our progress and that the measures we have taken, and continue to take, will further improve and develop our Group footprint in the mainstream industries we enter. “Because if you are honest and work hard you will always be in demand”.

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