TIMES GROUP ensures that this statement and the associated procedures apply to all activities and work undertaken within the company. TIMES GROUP can demonstrate its ability to consistently meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements together with its commitment to enhance customer satisfaction through conformity with client needs and continual improvement of our systems.

TIMES GROUP’s success is based on the quality and commitment of its experienced and professional management and construction personnel. Ongoing development of our operations and upgrading of equipment and facilities ensure that we combine the best in modern building techniques with the best in traditional craft skills. Not only are we committed to producing a quality product, but also in providing our clients with a quality service throughout the construction of our projects and products.

The TIMES GROUP approach is to listen and openly discuss the individual needs of every contract so our clients receive what they require and more importantly, know exactly what they are getting before any contract is signed. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients throughout project delivery to ensure their expectations are met.

TIMES GROUP’s philosophy is to maintain, and improve if possible, our record of providing work of the highest quality, in accordance with the clients’ requirements, on time and within budget. To this end we endeavour to work as a team in a spirit of co-operation with the client and their professional representatives.

TIMES GROUP is committed to:
1. Continue to fully meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008
2. Setting and monitoring Targets and Objectives
3. Reduce incidents and customer complaints
4. Identify improvements to existing working practices
5. Provide a quality project management service through the delivery of projects and end products
6. Continually evaluate the effectiveness of HSQE Plans, Work Package Plans and Task Briefing Sheets etc.

For TIMES GROUP to achieve the above objectives, all employees & sub-contractors must:
7. Understand the client’s requirements.
8. TIMES GROUP responsible and accountable for the quality of service and quality of work

The Directors of TIMES GROUP are totally committed to this Statement which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and is understood and implemented by all employees & sub-contractors.

This statement will be reviewed annually (or as and when required) by the Directors. It is briefed and acknowledged by all employees on induction and following any policy changes. It is also available to suppliers, clients and the public on the TIMES GROUP website www.timesgroup.com.pk.

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