Driven to the Excellence based on employee’s Performance Appraisal
Skills Development
Job Enhancement
Job Empowerment
Dedication, Loyalty, Work Ethics & Teamwork

Our commitment to offering equal opportunity to all TIMES GROUP believe in humanity and we cultivate diversity in all its forms within our teams.
During recruitment, particular attention is paid to preventing any type of discrimination. We help ensure that career development for all personnel remain free of discrimination based on gender, physical disability, sect, religion or Age.
We wish to see the many facets of our society reflected in our organization and at every level.

Career management at a personal level
Career paths are increasingly personal and individual. They may alternate between head office and onsite locations.

1. Onsite, young recruits take part in project-related activities, methods, technical studies, quality and safety initiatives, management control, etc.
2. At head office, they are assigned to operational divisions, preparing requests for proposals, or to the Engineering and technical capabilities department to perfect their technical skills.

Our career management system rests on effective guidance and management of human resources. Career progression is the result of a combination of individual aspirations, opportunities, and HR support. The “royal road” to success remains self-reliance and the taking on of responsibility on worksites.

Career management tools have been put in place by the HR department to foster:

• Individual growth,
• Mobility,
• Management planning for employment and skill sets.

Individual and collective salary policy

The salary policy at TIMES GROUP includes:

1. Salary for a particular function or competence.
2. Bonus that is variable and recognizes a certain level of performance.
3. variable compensation based on company results.

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