Times Group is Pakistan’s most forward thinking multi-faceted entity operating in Engineering, Management and Construction industry of Pakistan, supported by closely integrated subsidiary companies. A full service construction Group, skillfully specialized in executing High-rise buildings and Geotechnical engineering works.

We at TIMES GROUP can see High-rise building projects all the way from the initiation stage to execution onwards completion. Our role ranges from Main contractor to undertaking a range of specialized services includes, Planning, Engineering design coordination, Construction Management, Value Engineering, Construction Execution (Innovative Construction Techniques & Materials), Maintenance and Operations.

Ingrained “Do it well” culture, delivers flexible and exclusive collaborative approach towards Project timeline and organization internal Hierarchy dynamic creates a hub where intelligence and knowledge flows between Engineering Management Division and Engineering Execution Divisions. Nexus of these two Divisions in our business practice means all our clients stay abreast from the totality of our knowledge at all times.

BAKHT TOWER is a direct reflection of our Top-class engineering skills from concept absorption to completion, earned us a recognition for completing project in record time of 18 months, whilst maintaining the superior standards of quality at every level of work. This has transformed with a conviction that gathering all works under one responsible general contractor leads to an optimized outcome in view of time, quality and cost..

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